Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Flakes on a Plane!!!!! (Motifs 17-20)

Just back from a weeklong trip to the Seattle area to see family and, wow, did we have some fun. We saw mountains, the sea, flying fish (okay, people throwing fish), more mountains. It was lovely. I even found some time to do a bit of tatting while we drove and flew.

I was concerned about taking my shuttles on a plane for the first time. I didn't want to lose any of them to TSA but also didn't want to sit and stare for four hours. I know I could have read but I'm not really invested in any books at the moment (hard to believe). So, I wound some of the thread holders from my recent haul...okay I wound all of them to maximum capacity with size 5 white for snowflakes and size 10 victory red.  I also wound one with size 30 ivory for magic thread use.  My other clovers were already wound with size 10 for the bonnet.  I CTM wound two shuttles full of victory red size 10 for pastor's cross and gave the bonnet with accompanying shuttle and ball the Ziploc treatment.  All went into my travel tat bag with patterns.  I have never been so organized as I was for that flight (tatting-wise anyway).

I had packed my scissors in my luggage so we made it through security without a problem. I was able to tat a snowflake from the Lael Morgan pamphlet I recently purchased. But without my scissors, I had no way to detach it from the shuttle to start a new one. Bummer! I switched to the bonnet and made some progress there.

I took the chance in the return flight and brought my scissors with me. Of course, no problems at security; I could have brought them through the first time. That meant I could get a bit more done.  In total, I was able to tat four snowflakes, part of the bonnet and get a good running start on pastor's cross. Below are two snowflake number 2 and on the left are two snowflake number 3 from Lael Morgan Pattern No. & Splendid Snowflakes. I have tatted them in white size 5.  I plan on making more of these for use as Christmas ornaments.

Simple Cross by Crazy Mom in Size 10 Victory Red. I am hoping to have it done for the first day of school next week. Fingers crossed and, most likely, entangled.

Watching this bonnet take shape, I am seeing more and more proof that I tat tightly. At this point, a bonnet that should fit a softball might fit on a baseball.  It may be that I adjust the pattern even more than I thought and keep this one for my daughter's dolls. I would consider going with larger thread but I'm having a heck of a time working on the size 5 snowflakes. This is my Merry Higby NIN Bonnet. I'm getting close to tatting the medallion on this one and then we'll really see how tiny it gets. It is a lovely pattern, please do not let my execution of it give you any wrong ideas.

So, now I know what I'll be working on during future one hears the clickety-click as I tat along!


  1. Great snowflakes!! :) The cross is looking very good! And the bonnet is coming along nicely!! :)
    You got more done on your traveling then I did!!

  2. Thanks! I think I'm going to try to make a bunch of snowflakes for a charity event. Hope to see you at the next Tollway Tatters meetup!

  3. Looking good..! Especially when not doing them with a shuttle, which I wouldn't like to do.
    I don't know about the shuttles, but if I am every wondering about bring something on, I just give them a call and ask. My flights are only 2 hours and 20 minutes, and I usually doze off while listening to music...
    Had fun at the last TT's get together, and sorry you couldn't make it. Maybe the next one!

    1. Oh, I did use a shuttle; I brought fully loaded clovers and thread holders for back-up. I have a 6 hour flight coming up and it's good to know that this will be an option for me.

  4. Lovely snowflakes!

    I just had my 20 year old Little Swiss Army knife confiscated at the airport! I always carry it and this time forgot to take it out of my carry-on. : ( I have forgotten before, but this time it was detected and so it went the way of all treacherous tatting tools... (was about two inches max).

    Always, I try to keep tools to a minimum when travelling as you just never know. A nail clipper solves the scissor dilemma as they are never a problem.
    Fox : )

    1. Thanks, Fox! I have to get back to them, distractible me!

      Sorry about the Swiss Army Knife. I used to carry one as well, but took it out of my purse when I was travelling frequently and forgot to put it back in.

      I have a flight coming up, almost six hours to myself, so I will remember the nail clipper! I can see the sequel now:

      Flakes on a Plane: Tatting Doom