Tuesday, May 21, 2013

If you ask my mom how I spent my childhood, she will probably say I was either reading a book or sitting in a corner playing with string. Easily amused and long-nailed, I was the one who untied knots in shoelaces and necklaces.  So, yeah, there's a precedent for me tatting.

Thinking that my grandparents had tatted lace, and wanting to follow in their footsteps, I bought "Learn To Tat" by Janette Baker.  I started tatting at the end of last year, furiously working chains with uneven picots and random unused thread space when I had the spare time. In December of 2012, I started using paperclips to standardize picots and things progressed. In January, I bought a measuring gauge and things really started taking off.

I recently connected with the Tollway Tatters (a lovely group of people) who deemed my tatting appropriate for public consumption. And so, on the advice of those who know better than I, I have started a little blog about my tatting (and anything else that night come into my head). We'll see how this goes.

My first project was a ring and chain, two shuttle practice pattern from Janette Baker. Tatted in size 5, white and ecru, my daughter decided she wanted it for a bracelet. It is now a crown for a stuffed horse.

My second piece would have been the butterfly from Janette Baker. I tatted at least a dozen of them for a local school to use for an art project in February. They were tatted in size 10 pink or white.

Next came the heart pattern from Janette Baker. It is done in size 10 pink and white. My daughter has claimed it, but I haven't given it to her yet. I may frame it. I don't know.

I did make a second one with the colors reversed, but gave it away. A contractor we use quite frequently saw me tatting and said that his wife loved that kind of thing. I gave him the heart for her.

Next came the Janette Baker's bookmark. It took some doing but I managed to summon the courage to try it. It is in size 10 pink and white (yep, big skeins of yarn to deplete).

After that, I decided I wanted to attempt a cross. I have an uncle who is a priest and thought it would be cool to make something for his vestments. He is a wonderful man and I thought this might be a nice way to give back to him for everything he has done for us. So, I found a cross pattern from psychotatter and made it in size 10 white.

My uncle graciously declined saying that where he lives they have stacks and stacks of vestments (it is a retirement home for Jesuits, after all). After showing it to a local pastor, it will soon find a home on the altar, and I have been commissioned to make another smaller version in red for his vestments.

And that brings us to my latest large effort from Janette Baker's book, the Daffodil Doily. It took some doing but I completed it in size 10 pink and white (yes, again).

On a recent weekend trip, I acquired some size 20 and 80 thread. I also picked up some beads to incorporate. I also purchased "The Complete Book of Tatting."  Inspired by a few of the blogs I have seen, I am trying my hand at jewelry and flower motifs in between the larger projects.

I had the pleasure of meeting the authors of several blogs last weekend at Tollway Tatters. They were so welcoming. It was such a wonderful experience to sit and talk and learn from them. Marilee Rockley even worked up a solution on the spot for the clumsy joins I had in the doily. They are a kind and generous group and I hope to see them again soon.

So, that brings things up to date. I hope to post on here periodically as I tat more. As I said before, we'll see how it goes. I am fairly certain this will be the most long-winded of my posts.

And since I would like to join in the 25 Motif Challenge, I hope to use these as my first five (for the calendar year). I know, giving myself a jumpstart, but hey, I'm a beginner, cut me some slack!


  1. Your tatting is beautiful!

    What wonderful motifs you have already accomplished - and many more to do.

    Welcome to blogging ; )

  2. I am so glad you have a blog now!! Can't wait to see what else you tat!!! :)
    So glad to meet you!! ~Sue

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging! I hope that you meet many wonderful tatters here. I know you will receive lots of encouragement from those you do meet, even if you only meet them online. Happy tatting!

  4. Welcome! Wowie, you've been busy and doing a great job!! I love your daffodil doily and the cross is a new one to me.

  5. Hi Carrie!

    You are tatting so well in such a short time! Love the crown for the horse! : )) Fantastic first project. And we can see what steady progress you have made.

    Welcome to Tat-Land.

    Fox : )

  6. Wonderful that you have been able to connect with other tatters in the real world and in cyberspace!

  7. Hi Carrie,
    Welcome to the land of blogging, your tatting for a beginner is lovely and well done, I look forward to visiting your blog again, You are not part of the world wide group of tatters who blog, do come and visit all the ladies including me in the UK that have left you a comment, I hope you enjoy being part of tatting bloggers.
    Do put on your blog the followers link in your sidebar then we can all follow you.

  8. Hi Carrie,
    welcome from down here in Australia. I have been tatting for 20 plus years, but it is only once I went online and found all these great and generous tatters that my own tatting has improved. So take advantage of all the knowledge that is available to us now online and enjoy.

  9. Hello Carrie,
    another call-out from Australia. Welcome to tatting and welcome to blogging. Enjoy the journey.
    Meryl in Australia

  10. Welcome to tatland. You are doing so well. Happy tatting!

  11. Thank you all for the encouragement and fellowship!

  12. What wonderful progress you have made with your tatting - and only since last December! By going on line you have opened up a whole new world to yourself and also to us. Looking forward to reading your blog and seeing your beautiful tatting.

  13. Welcome, welcome to Tat Land and to the blogosphere, Carrie. It is a distinct pleasure to meet you. Your tatting is wonderful and you have connected with a great, great group.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your posts and more of your tatting.

  14. Hi Carrie, welcome to blogging! Your tatting is so lovely, and amazing how much you've been able to finish in just a short time. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, and visiting with you again at the Tollway Tatters meetings.

  15. Welcome to blogging Carrie. I have added your blog to my list of Thriving Tatters and will see whenever you post and be able to pop over and read it.
    Your tatting is very good. You have done very well learning to tat. Congratulations on being able to tat for the Altar and the Priest's vestments. Very nice! you can find my blog here ladytats.blogspot.com

  16. Hi Carrie and welcome to blogging! Love your tatting!! I was reading Diane's blog and thought I would pop on over to say hi. Looking forward to seeing you here :) You can find my blog at tattabuggslace.blogspot.com

  17. What a wonderful first post! Welcome to the global community of Tatters.

  18. So glad to see you here in tatland! I've only time to read your first post right now but I will be back. I do love the name of your blog!

    My blog is http://wandasknottythoughts.blogspot.com/ if you'd like to come for a visit:-)