Monday, July 15, 2013

A day late and a picot short...

I was just about to start the clover rings for the center of the cross when I realized...I'm a picot short!! The horror!

I thought about trying to join all four center rings to the first picot, but it's not big enough. Ah well...Looks like I'll cut and run on this one and start anew. Not that I mind, mind you, I was just enjoying this one so much. 

On another note, I just realized I have lost the ring I made for my friend in Indianapolis. That makes me sad. Not so much the loss of the work but that it was for someone I care about. She deserves better from me and she will get it. On this next ring, I'll use the magic thread trick to eliminate loose ends, get it really right and put it in the mail quickly.

I still have to send off the heart I made for my cousin. It's the delay in sending that causes the loss. Mustn't let things sit around.

In the meantime, I find that I am more interested in tatting-related things than pretty much anything else. If I'm not careful, I can spend far too much time on the computer reading blogs and pages on Facebook. My insomnia episodes are made more pleasant with EBay searches for shuttles and books and thread. I would tat on those nights but for the clicking. I find it restful, others not so much.


  1. Those missing picots have a way of really messing things up! I'm guessing the missing ring will reappear soon after you make and mail a new one, although I was sure that theory would apply to my missing remote and that did not happen!

    Watch out for that eBay searching... it can lead to shuttle collections... I know... I'm a willing victim!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I feel the same way you do about the ring; it's probably in the refrigerator.

      As for eBay, I am REALLY good at NOT buying stuff. I am just an avid browser. True to my nature, I am particularly drawn to large lots of thread (because it's string) and pattern books (because I share your penchant for books).