Monday, July 8, 2013

Waiting on a Contractor...

I love my sister. I truly adore her. She is a wonderful human being. And I am usually a rather patient person. That said, I do not adore two and a half hours of waiting for the cable guy to show up at her house while she works. I am not enamored of him going to the wrong address and accusing me of not answering the door. The ensuing four hours of installation were no picnic either. Did I mention that my six year old was with me? Yeah, it was a treat.

How did I keep from blowing my top? I tatted. I tatted like a fiend. When I wasn't blocking doors open or introducing myself to the new neighbor or challenging my daughter to a mini pinball championship or trying to tune out the incessant huffing and puffing and sighing every time the guy had to get down on the floor or up from the floor, I was tatting. Run-on sentence there, accurately conveys the vibe of the day. At the end of the six hours, I had managed to get something accomplished.

I tatted the first half of Marilee Rockley's Ripple Necklace (in the correct gauge this time).

I used the rest of the shuttle thread to make a little butterfly and flower.

What am I going to do with it? Who knows! The little hair pin I had for the art fair has become one with the sunhat I bought for my daughter.

I continued to work on my Edging.

That was Tuesday.

That evening, I drove out to see my parents and stayed the holiday with them. We had a wonderful time visiting and playing with cousins. In my downtime, I tatted the other half of the necklace. I just need my sister and her jewelry-crafting skills to finish it for me. I was so excited about it that I showed it to mom (the intended recipient). She loves it so far and agrees that I should just go ahead and make another one for her twin. It is done in size 10 Black and Mexicana.

I even had a chance to start the cross for pastor! It is in size 10 Victory Red.

Now back home again. I do not know when I'll have unrestricted tatting time again, but I look forward to it!


  1. Your necklace looks awesome!!! :)
    Love the edging!! :)
    Nice start to the cross!! :)

  2. It's one thing to wait in your own house, but to wait in your sister's house... I sure am glad you had your tatting with you! I love my sister dearly, but I'm sure I would feel very uncomfortable waiting in her house all day, especially with a six year old in tow. But, all that tatting time? Maybe I'll give Janet a call and see if she needs me to house sit! ;-)