Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Little Progress Is Better Than None

It's been some time since I've posted, but things get busy once the child is out of school. Between trying to keep her entertained and control the house, I haven't had much time for tatting. As I look back at my previous post, I can say with confidence that I was able to accomplish some of my goals.

I managed to re-cover two pillows for my daughter's bed (the old fabric played tricks with her tired little eyes). They are now a plush cream micro-suede kind of thing that couldn't hurt a flea. I double-cased her sleeping pillow with a pillowcase that had an edging crocheted by my great-grandmother. She is sleeping much better now. 

Whenever I point out that something in her room belonged to an ancestor, she perceives it as a tiny guardian angel. The sounds of the small wind-up wall clock that belonged to my grandfather help her at night ("It makes me feel brave when I hear it, mama."). The hanging lamp is my mother watching over her (mom is alive and well and living in Indiana). The pillowcase is my great-grandmother gently cradling her head. The giraffe mosaic is her Aunt Betsy watching over her from Minnesota.  On the occasions when she says she's lonely at night, I ask, "How can you be with some many people there with you?" She giggles and drifts off with a smile. Such beguiling innocence. It's fascinating and touching that she can verbalize the things that she does. She's a normal kid and at the same time - astounding to me.

Back to accountability.

Because my child is a bean pole determined to overtop me by age 9, I have decided to make pajama pants that will fit those skinny little hips while still reaching to her ankles. First pair of pajama pants completed last week should withstand the next two major growth spurts and any increase around the waist (they currently rest precariously on the aforementioned skinny little hips). I've slightly modified the pattern for a better fit at waist, but will keep them basically unchanged for the next couple rounds of wide legged pjs. I feel like I've accomplished something.

I have managed to get some organization to the shelving unit I received. My supplies are not in there yet, but will be soon. The bin of cross-stitch kits calls to me, but I want to focus on tatting for right now.

Speaking of tatting, the reason I started this whole blog anyway, I did not get to the anklet (yet). I have decided to cut and run on the necklace because I am working it in the wrong gauge and it's making me nuts. The design is wonderful but I can't get it to work right now. I have made headway on the Josephine edging and, as I have seen others do, have taken on a side project.  Today I sat down and tatted Janette Baker's Heart from Learn to Tat. It is done in size 10 white for chains and pink for rings.

My cousin, Jil, had admired the heart I posted and, when I offered to make one for her, graciously accepted.  I assumed she was just being kind and humoring her little cousin. She is an artist, a sculptor/carver, has been for quite some time, and I really enjoy her work. It is edgy and strange and beautiful, like her. She said that she has long been fascinated by the fiber arts and would be honored to have some of my work. Wheeeee! I am pressing it between some really heavy books right now and hope to have it in the mail to her next week.

I have decided not to put an accountability list up this time. I think as long as I work off of the last one, I'll do fine.

Although I do have some ideas: which will be revealed at a later date if I can pull them off! Haha! Suspense!

Thank you again for coming to read my little rants and lend support as I make my way down this path.

Hansel and Gretel left a trail of breadcrumbs. If you fear me lost and wish to find me, just follow the string...


  1. Good to see your blog post!! I was going through the blogs I follow yesterday and deleting those that haven't been updated for a while. SOOO pleased I kept yours as I'm always interested in the progress of newish tatters.

    1. I appreciate the fact that you read it at all! Thank you for not deleting mine. Still in my tatting infancy, I am grateful for the support and guidance of more experienced tatters.

  2. Your tatting looks good. and congrats on the pj's
    everyone's life gets in the way of tatting now and then. I like your little girls take on the items in her bedroom.

    1. Thank you, Lady T. Everything will come together in time, right?

  3. If nothing else, your time was well spent. You sure did your good deed for the day though along with getting some tatting done to. The hairpiece came out so cute..! I also like your last accomplishment which is the heart. Turned out lovely..! Keep it up, your doing great..