Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Expanding The Empire!

So, this has been one heck of a weekend! At first, it was a "weekend of beauty" what with getting my hair cut and colored (I know, you all thought it was naturally this luxuriously rich honey tone), and my nails done (pedicure gift from my mom, thanks mom!), but it turned into so much more.

It went like this. Early to the nail studio, I decided to walk around the town square. First antique store I entered had three shuttles for sale, one black celluloid post that I couldn't identify and two Susan Bates bobbins. I noticed that the post shuttle points didn't close and mentioned this to the proprietor. It didn't stop me from test driving the thing and I didn't buy it, but I did leave a small ring on the thread for her display purposes.  I am not used to bobbin shuttles yet but I checked out the Bates' anyway. The bobbin wouldn't move on one (I think it might have been the wrong size) and the other looked in rough shape. I told her that if someone gave time and effort enough, they would be willing to fix and use all three, but I wasn't that person. She understood and tried to make a deal on some crochet thread. Late for my appointment, I bolted.

Afterward, while waiting for my mom to come by and run errands with me, I continued my walk around the square and found myself in the Old Green Shutters Antique store. There I met the proprietor (and tatting collector) Carey. She informed me that she had just sold all of her shuttles (a bowlful, as she described) to a customer. I could only imagine. We spoke a bit more, she looked at pictures of my work, and encouraged me to try to market some items. I thanked her and went on my way.

Our errands included a trip to the grocery store, Joann Fabrics, an office supply store, and Costco. The skies opened while at the grocery store, and the line was so long to cut fabric at Joann that I sent my mom to the other places while I waited. By the time she returned, I had cut fabric, introduced two customers to the joys of tatting and found Lindsay Rogers' book Tatting Collages! I was sooo excited. I skipped out to the car in the pouring rain and we headed back to rescue my father from the clutches of my daughter.

As we neared home, I turned to my mother and declared with a grin, "My car is still back at the nail studio!" We laughed about how very blonde we are and tried to figure out the best way to get me back into town. Upon our return, my father was unscathed but offered to drive me back to my car. I requested a bit more time to roam the square which my parents were happy to oblige.

I stopped back in to Old Green Shutters because I wanted to show some actual work to Carey. She restated her interest and again encouraged me to market my work. She also mentioned that she had a friend down the block who is a tatter. I immediately headed out.

That was how I met Ginger. She is a kind soul who hails from my hometown. And she is a tatter. She loved my work and encouraged me to listen to Carey. Oh, remember how Carey said she sold the shuttles to someone? That customer was Ginger. I was happy to meet the recipient of such largesse. We talked for over an hour before I realized that I had to get back home.

I shared with my parents all the exciting things, the new tatting book, the new friends, and they were very encouraging. My father turned to me and said, "Who knew you'd come out here this weekend and expand your tatting empire!" Really, who knew?

And now, I get home to find that my eBay purchase of thread arrived earlier than expected! A wonderful weekend indeed!

I actually managed to get some tatting done as well. Here is a small star by Birgit (I don't know her last name) worked in size 10 white and green.


  1. Sounds like a great day! And expanding your empire indeed! :-) Very nicely done on the star, looks good!

  2. Great story expanding your tatting empire. I have yet to meet a fellow tatter in person. Love the Birgit star. The white/green color contrast makes the white chains really pop and show off the star shape. Love it!

    1. I have had the honor of meeting a handful of tatters. Now, it seems, they are coming out of the woodwork. It is a very friendly community. Glad you like the snowflake, I plan on doing it again in white/green, white/red, and white/yellow. We'll see how many I can make before Christmas...

  3. What a great day! Tatting empire indeed... so glad you've become addicted to tatting!

    1. It really was a great day. I grinned for the next 48 hours. Such an energizing feeling, spending time with a kindred spirit. Then, to share that with my family and have them recognize it for what it was, that made it even better.

      As for the addiction, that was established. With the acquisition of thread, it's just become more obvious. I'm running out of places to hide my stash in our little home. Must.Tat.More.