Thursday, September 12, 2013

Presenting the Bonnet!

At long last, I have finished Merry Higby's NIN Baby Bonnet worked in Aunt Lydia's size 10 white. After I finished round four, I was intimidated by the idea of the medallion in back. I tatted a few other things while I worked up the courage to attempt it.  As I worked through it, my fears left me, and I was able to tat it pretty quickly. As I may have mentioned before, I tat pretty tightly so it is smaller than intended. I am going to make a concerted effort to loosen up a bit and see how it changes what I make. The result will most likely be a softer, more pliable bonnet. It is supposed to fit on a softball; it doesn't. So, here it is on my daughter's Bitty Baby doll.

Even with my tight tatting, I had a to make a lot of shuttle changes. I can only imagine how many thread ends I'll have to deal with on the next one. Now to upsize it and tat for an expectant mother I know. Sheesh! But a lovely pattern and a great organization. Thanks, Merry Higby!


  1. The bonnet looks great! I have an old bonnet and booties pattern that I will tat some day. I just haven't been motivated to try. You put me to shame!

  2. Thank you, ladies! Diane, you and your cohorts are my motivation and inspiration!