Friday, September 27, 2013

Unsought Treasure! My Mom Rocks!

My mother, who is amazing, by the way, is taking part today in a huge garage sale at her church. They have been setting up since last Thursday and it started yesterday and finishes today. It's quite the production.

I helped her with set-up on Monday of this week and had a lot of fun. I met a woman there whose cousin Eleanor is a tatter (since retired, I believe). We discussed what she has made and what I have done, as well as newer uses for lace; it was a lovely chat.

I didn't bother looking for anything for myself while I was there, wanted to work more than shop. Imagine my surprise a few days later when I received this text from my mother:

For you my dear!!!!!!

I called her immediately, thanked her, and started asking about the threads.  Seems she had worn her Ripple Necklace to a church function and it had gotten some notice. One of the women who had spoken to mom about it saw the box of threads (with tatting shuttle, Susan Bates) and brought it to my mother's attention!

She has high hopes for me, that one does. She asked if she had done well and I couldn't stop thanking her. She is looking forward to my creations, especially with the goldish thread. It's Texto-Syltex and I'm not sure if I will be able to use it. There's quite a bit so I'll have to find a good home for it. I am open to suggestions.  Of course, I'll know more when I have the thread in hand and, let me tell you, my fingers are itching to get hold of that box. I don't know when I will see mom next, but I really hope it's soon!

With all the thread I have now, I'll have to tat for quite a while before I need to buy more...


  1. a quick search for the name looks like it will be a rayon thread. I have used rayon before, the results are gorgeous due to the shine, but the thread does not like to knot and it very difficult to tat with, but the results can be worth it.

    1. I came up with the rayon angle as well. I appreciate you sharing your experience.

      Guess we'll see when I get hold of it. I have some other projects where it might be useful. Some of my Nimble Thimble girls might be able to use it since they practice a wide variety of thread arts. I'll just have to ask around.

  2. What a lucky find! Even if it's thread you can't or don't want to use, it's still exciting. I haven't had much luck with rayon thread, but I'm sure there is someone who will appreciate it!